Syuhitu the Text editor for Solaris

Syuhitu is the Texit editor, it runs on Solaris/X Window System. 

This editor is made by Motif and it has high integrity  with CDE.


Simple interface

All configurations are set by resource file. So  this editors user interface is very simple.

In addition, default settings of short cut keys are same as Windows nopepad. So it very easy to use this editor.

Default short cut keys.

Function Key
Create new file Ctrl+N
Open a file Ctrl+O
Save Ctrl+S
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Undo Ctrl+Z
Select All Ctrl+A
Find/change Ctrl+F
Jump to Ctrl+G

Of course, you can configure short cut keys to any key sequense.

For all language

This editor doesn't depend on the locales. So you can use it on any locales.

A demo of using in a locale of japanese euc-jp.

Unlimited Undo or Redo

You can Undo/Redo infinity times.

Text search by regular expression

You can use wild card or regular expression at the text search.

Syntax highlightment

This editor can show the text with highlightment by syntax. It's coresponded to C/C++/Java/COBOL/JavaScript/VBScript/C#/HTML.

Exclusive control

Syuhitu controls so that the same file is not edited at the same time..So you can without reservation edit various files. 

Output to printer

Syuhitu is corresponding to print by PostScript printer. 

System requirements

This editor runs on SPARC Solaris 8 or lator.

If you want to run this editor on x86 machines, you hove to re-compile from source code. Please refer to this page for the compilation method. 


It is distributed on following sites.

Or, if you want to download newest version, click following links and select "Save As..." menu item.

File Name Link Size
Version20 syuhitu_20.tar.bz2 3,273KB
Version20(Source) syuhitu_src_20.tar.bz2 1,769KB
Syuhitu User's guide(English) UG_20_EN.pdf 212KB
Syuhitu User's guide(Japanese) UG_20_JP.pdf 463KB
Plugin Development Guide(Japanese) DG_20_JP.pdf 412KB


Author's mail address is this.

Please give me your opinions or request to evolv this editor. Please use a mail form here if you do not want to inform me of your mail address. 

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